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Still in development, and derived from Nissan Juke, Juke-R is a devastating crossover record, not in the category, but even in the SUV segment. Large wheel arches, redesigned front and rear bumpers, rear spoiler in 2 large pieces ... The most powerful Juke will not be a series production car, but a single car approved for road, developed by Nissan and built by RML competitive firm with support from Nissan Technical Centre Europe (Nissan Technical Centre for Europe NTC -E).

Under the hood, the 3.8 V6 engine of the radical twin-turbo GT-R (486 hp). On the chassis, transmission, 6 gears auto transaxle dual-clutch sequential. Ttambién axes are the GT-R, but suitably modified to accommodate wheel drive. Fits 20-inch wheels RAYS forged aluminum.

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