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Photographs and images about Nissan Juke

Seating combinations

A gallery of interesting. Here you have a series of images to give you an idea of the possible combinations of seats you can do with your Nissan Juke, and in 2 colors if you do not like:)

combinaciones de asientos (6 images)

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Nissan Juke in red

I leave another small gallery of Nissan's new Juke in red (for a change ...) that I forgot to upload.

Nissan Juke en rojo (7 images)

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Nissan first modifications of Juke, by Cobra N +

It does nothing that has been released Juke and Nissan already are getting hand. We refer in this case the German trainer Cobra N +.

There are simple changes and then there are of this company. As you can see from the photographs the changes are not few. Wheels 19 and 20 inches (235/40 and 255/30 respectively ... there is nothing), guards and stainless steel door sills, new releases Desportes, chrome insertion. ..

To taste the colors, "you are what your Nissan instalaríais a Juke?

Nissan Juke by Cobra N+ (7 images)

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Silver gray Nissan Juke

It is clear that Nissan's people like the color red, because as you have observed is almost impossible to see official pictures of the little Japanese crossover in a different color than this. Over time we will see new pictures, mostly of the lucky buyers, but for now I can leave this gallery of Nissan Juke in silver gray, to see what you think.

Nissan Juke en gris (5 images)

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Photo gallery of the Nissan Juke

I leave here a huge gallery of images for the presentation of Nissan Juke. 25 photographs from all angles to see the revolutionary design urban small Nissan.

Nissan Juke, imágenes de presentación (25 images)

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