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Latest news about Nissan Juke

Juke Nissan Dacia Duster vs vs Skoda Yeti

The Juke Nissan became the latest to join the compact SUV segment. To stand out from the rest, Nissan has created a car with a youthful and modern image, but: Is that enough to impose the tough balancing Dacia Duster or Skoda Yeti?

These three cars are part of the same segment, although each has taken different directions to adqurir a necessary identity. The Nissan is presented as the most athletic. With a top-end engine of 190 hp and an attractive line and staff, both inside and out, the Juke does not seem to want to go unnoticed.

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Japan National Activity conditions

Toyota has announced that days before the disaster sent a ship with supplies to Europe to assure their stock for at least five weeks. Manufactures Nissan Qashqai and the Juke, its most popular models in the United Kingdom, while Honda Mazda, Mitsubishi and Suzuki do not include delivery problems in its European stores, but must take into account the evolution of the reconstruction work in affected areas.

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Nissan Juke compares the success of the Qashqai

In just five months, the Nissan Juke, with Japan the manufacturer has created a new market segment, the small crossover has achieved a significant market share in the small car market.

Since its start in September 2010, the Juke has seen an acceleration of sales to 32,000 units across Europe, which means almost 2% in the B segment. According to a statement from the manufacturer Japan, "at a time when almost one of every four new cars in Europe come from the B segment Juke achievement is even more important for the sustainable growth of Nissan."

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Nissan challenges Juke rock stars from YouTube

Nissan unveils today a revolutionary digital campaign on YouTube that cover four European countries to entertain and attract the target audience of Nissan Juke and your passion for the new compact crossover.

This unique campaign, covering France, Germany, Italy and Spain, combining creativity with a large dose of star treatment, as four rock bands will battle first-line in a duel to capture the hearts and minds of viewers across Europe on Channel Juke Nissan brand. The campaign has been designed and produced by OMD Europe based in Paris and London Fuse.

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Comparison: Nissan Juke Vs Mini Countryman

Both MINI Nissan as closed a stage with these models. The Juke, in principle, serves to close the circle of crossovers with which Nissan has swept in recent years, highlighting especially the Qashqai and the long-awaited introduction of a diesel engine in the Murano. Mini, by contrast, has decided to make each getting bigger their brand concept, breaking the dangerous frontier of the four meters long and risking that this "mini" begins to lose its meaning.

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