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Latest news about Nissan Juke

Bizarre design, balanced motor

The design is groundbreaking, bold, perhaps too much. Especially in the front, where three groups coexist optics.

Tested the gasoline engine at 190 hp, now it's the turn of the 110-horsepower diesel. This second drive is more balanced. Gives the vehicle a more rational. And low consumption. Nearly two and a half liters less than gasoline.

Combined cycle during the test conducted by Expansion, the Juke 6.7 liters of fuel needed to circulate in Eco mode. Using the Sport mode, the figure was 7.1 gallons.

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The secrets of Nissan Juke

This time I will explain more about the Nissan Juke (you can see proof of this car at number 270, AUTO BILD), the kind of urban SUV look that the Japanese are taken from the manga with the intention of repeat the success of the Qashqai. Go ahead to bet that fails. But if I'm honest, at the time said the same of the Qashqai and it is clear that simply putting dough in the case I would have been ruined. So take this only as a personal opinion and hopefully work, because I really like the manufacturers do not settle for business as usual and inventing new models and segments.

Well, to the point. Basically I want to detail the operation of the screen that the Juke incorporated into the center console and varying colors, functions and purpose as you press the button: Climate or D-Mode.

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Nissan Video Juke

We bring you a video of the new Nissan Juke, this time as we put the camera on the exterior of the car and as they stroll through the woods, too quickly analyze the interior of the car.

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Practical, functional, fun and different test

The Juke is one of those cars that is designed for drivers when buying a car differential value as fact the design without thereby sacrificing other aspects such as amount of practicality and interior comfort. Its exterior and interior lines blend seamlessly endless curves and lines completely new, surprising for its audacity and which are very different to the latest versions given by the manufacturer in other models.

The volume of the compartment is conditioned by a nose that enhances the mechanical with its prominent four flaps that provide an effect of strength and robustness that does not go unnoticed. Do not expect an exceptional livability. However, those who appreciate the strong personality that flow lines and powerful mechanics of almost 200 hp, will have an adequate satisfaction.

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Head to Head: Juke Nissan and Toyota Urban Cruiser

"Mr. Urban Cruiser, I guess." To paraphrase Henry Stanley when he met the explorer David Livingstone in one of the most unknown regions of Africa, this would be the expression that could use the new crossover from Nissan, the Juke, to meet his compatriot in the city.

Toyota took on sale in mid-2009 this kind of mini SUV with only 3.93 meters long, which sought to compete with the classic urban vehicles and, in turn, became the pioneer of a new segment. But the economic situation and some other factors made gradually, be lost in this uncharted territory.

To rescue this concept, Nissan has released the Juke, another mini SUV similar philosophy with its 4.13 m long, but with a more disruptive. And here is one of the key ways that I think the Nissan SUV was not lost on the same grounds: to differentiate the cars that live in the urban jungle, you need a different image, risky. Can you tell me that you like the Juke or so, but the undeniable fact is not lost. Quite the opposite of what happens to the Urban Cruiser.

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