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Latest news about Nissan Juke

Dacia Duster against Nissan Juke

Both the Duster and the Juke are striking, practical and above all, have an attractive price (for less than 18,000 euros you can buy any of them). Therefore, a matter of time they finished leading a segment full of dinosaurs five meters long with a facility to devour huge gallons of diesel.

So far this year, have sold between the two models over 6,000 units. How have they achieved? Renault's Romanian boys have turned to his infallible formula of "cost of demolishing and acceptable quality." This means that for the same money it costs the Japanese, you get a car with four-wheel drive and good liveability. Nissan provocation play with a design that looks like something out of a comic by Akira Toriyama (Dragon Remember Ball? ). It is also a fun car to drive than its cousin to the Eastern Europe.

These two models share many mechanical components, and riding the same 1.5-liter engine and 110 horsepower. But they are very different. For example, Dacia has created a global product that is salable both in Morocco and Sweden. This is a big car, spacious and well designed for family travel. Just take a look at their levels of habitable its front seats are similar to those of Nippon, but in the back there is no color. It offers up to three inches more legroom and headroom ten more in the ceiling. In addition, five more wide and three people can travel more space. Another story is that you have a few seats worse than the Juke, and back with a smaller bench.

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Engine: Nissan Juke Edition Kuro black black I love you

To celebrate the Nissan Juke is a year on the market, the Japanese launches a limited edition of 2,800 units to Nissan Juke called Kuro Edition. The word Kuro means black in Japanese, and this color is precisely what inspired the whole aesthetic of this limited edition, which only has aesthetic modifications.

These changes are obvious. Mirrors and door handles in matching black with a bright 17-inch wheels. For those who want to draw attention to the contrasts, Nissan offers the possibility to choose the color for painting Red Force. It is a combination more discreet, though less striking.

Regarding equipment, the Nissan Juke Edition Kuro mounted basically the same as the versions equipped, called Tekna. While this may be a bit restrictive because it means that those who want to buy this special edition will have to pay for expensive equipment, Nissan has been more flexible if the choice of engines which can be fitted, which in particular are three all available in the range, two petrol and one diesel.

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Nissan fires a 51.5% production in Barcelona and Avila

After months of uncertainty in the plant workers in Barcelona and Avila feared that the tsunami that hit Japan in March behave supply problems in the Spanish plants, the company has not only managed to keep factories open, but has increased production.

In July, left the Spanish plant to 15,751 vehicles from Nissan, 51.5% more than the same month last year, as reported by the company yesterday. The leading Spanish manufacturers of production and the growth of the group. Nissan attributed much of the improvement to the growing demand for Primastar van.

The improvement of production in Spain coincided with an increase in sales in Europe of 19% yoy in July, buoyed by demand for small SUV Juke. However, car sales in Spain are falling at double digit rates.

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The Juke Nissan receives the new limited edition Kuro

Nissan introduces a new limited edition for the Juke. This version, called 'KURO' means black in Japanese, shows the darker side of the compact SUV will go on sale in the UK alone.

Includes a new 10-spoke wheels and 17 inch black, color is also present in the mirrors and door handles.

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Nissan: The Planet Zero

Nissan has launched the website of THE PLANET ZERO promotion, designed as a game where users can experience a zero emission society didactic and entertaining. This action is part of the global project to realize a zero-emission society.

Although the website is aimed at audiences with broad age range, a particular focus on high school and college students because it is a web site with the characteristics of a video game, called T HE PLANET ZERO. The site allows users to enjoy the zero-emission society that Nissan wants to reach and recognize the value and attractiveness of electric vehicles provide. Some features characters designed to resemble a solar power generating systems and wind, plus another inspired by the zero-emission mobility and called PLUG ("socket") appear in this game. Users move in a hypothetical future of zero emission and undergo a mechanism of fighting games that develops through these original characters.

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