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Latest news about Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke-R: Flavored competition

The idea is crazy. Perhaps like all great ideas. Pass the frame of a Nissan GT-R to a Juke, or transform a compact crossover Juke as a brutal supercar with dynamic qualities similar to those of a wild GT-R.

Behind the madness are the engineers of RML. People are busy doing Nissan their cars for powering large series the planet and therefore the small series and follies they leave third parties, under strict control, though. One such external engineering departments has shown on countless occasions as the RML, better known in the world of racing as Ray Mallock Limited, who are behind the manufacture of brutal Nissan Juke-R, and have a lengthy track record particularly in racing cars, and not only in ancient times, now is the author RML and Chevrolet factory team in the WTCC, WTCC, where this year has already been proclaimed champions for the second consecutive year.

In this case at the moment there is no competition involved, although very high performance as showing us videos. It should be remembered that the Juke-R is a prototype that has the same frame GT-R, with the four-wheel-drive GT-R, including the torque vector system, and engine. The videos are really ingenious demonstration of the ... invention?

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Nissan Juke R Demolition

Still in development, and derived from Nissan Juke, Juke-R is a devastating crossover record, not in the category, but even in the SUV segment. Large wheel arches, redesigned front and rear bumpers, rear spoiler in 2 large pieces ... The most powerful Juke will not be a series production car, but a single car approved for road, developed by Nissan and built by RML competitive firm with support from Nissan Technical Centre Europe (Nissan Technical Centre for Europe NTC -E).

Under the hood, the 3.8 V6 engine of the radical twin-turbo GT-R (486 hp). On the chassis, transmission, 6 gears auto transaxle dual-clutch sequential. Ttambién axes are the GT-R, but suitably modified to accommodate wheel drive. Fits 20-inch wheels RAYS forged aluminum.

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Official announcement of the manufacture of Juke R

A few days ago we announced that the Nissan Juke could incorporate the GT-R engine, to become the Godzilla of the crossover, because today the news is confirmed and will build the Nissan Juke R, although accompanied by another bad there are only two units.

The creation of Nissan Juke R is a collaborative effort between the specialist racing car preparation and RML Nissan Technical Centre Europe (NTC-E), and a combination of the small body with a crossover from Nissan the most exciting sporting moment, the Nissan GT-R and Nissan Juke R born a concept fast, exciting and daring.

The twin-turbo V6 engine of 3.8-liter Nissan's flagship engine is also used Infiniti models, whose potential rises almost to the 600 horses is associated with the six relations transaxel change the GT-R .

The axes are also the GT-R but adapted to the dimensions of the Juke. The 20-inch wheels complete RAYS forged aluminum look "monstrous" in the small SUV.

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'Super Juke', Fact or Fiction

Juke success has not gone unnoticed at Nissan Europe. All indicative position it as the preferred choice when it comes to choosing a candidate for the award for sportsmanship among urban crossover. Aware of this conquest, the makers of the brand took a first step to leverage this power to discover the Nissan Juke Edition Kuro, a replica of the small SUV that is elegantly enhances its main features.

But it seems that this has not been sufficient and there is speculation the development of a more radical version. In this he has the nickname "Super Juke" and by all accounts, seeks to satisfy the aspirations of a model much more willing to give him. For this purpose at Nissan have looked around and have chosen, as some media suggest, the 3.8-liter V6 engine now mounts the GT-R to create the offending version.

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Nissan Juke, now more efficient

Nissan continues to believe that one of his star models, the Juke, which is now going to apply a number of improvements in two of their engines so they burn less fuel and emit less CO2 to the environment. Specifically, the mechanics involved are the 1.6 liter 116 hp petrol and diesel 1.5-liter dCi 110 hp.

Both have been reviewed thoroughly, changing several elements such as gear ratios to achieve the goal of obtaining more efficient engines.

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