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Latest news about Nissan Juke

Test. Juke 1.6i Tekna Nissan Premium -

The Juke is much more than a scale Qashqai is a new model with an aesthetic breakthrough that opens the Utility segment of 'crossover'. The Juke give a lot of play and put the rest of the marks on a war footing, as if Nissan gives as good a result as his older brother, the Juke is a success. And after trying, we realize it's all a reef.

In 2009, Nissan had the Qazana, a prototype advanced the lines of our protagonist, as the Juke could say it's a 'clone' of that concept, but does not keep the doors open faced and is 8 inches long.
His 4.14 meters in length -19 inches shorter than a Qashqai and 35 more than a Micra - its 1.57 in height and unique design that 'crossover' allows the Juke play in a new division, the utility SUV . It supplements the family 'crossover' by Nissan at the bottom.

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Juke 1.6 Turbo Test Tekna Nissan Sport 4x2 -

Thanks to the people of already have a very good analysis of Juke Nissan 1.6 Turbo Sport 4x2 Tekna. Do not comment much more than it already you can see yourself in the video, just say that the tester (Alfredo Rueda) think he liked ...

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Nissan TV ad Juke

For those who have not yet seen the dramatic video I leave that Nissan has released the small crossover Juke. In the TV ad is a night on the town where everything is changing and all that is on its way.

Remember that Nissan is making a very strong advertising campaign of its new model, especially online and in the streets.

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Silver gray Nissan Juke

It is clear that Nissan's people like the color red, because as you have observed is almost impossible to see official pictures of the little Japanese crossover in a different color than this. Over time we will see new pictures, mostly of the lucky buyers, but for now I can leave this gallery of Nissan Juke in silver gray, to see what you think.

Nissan Juke en gris (5 images)

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The Nissan-Renault plant in Seville has a new gearbox

The new gearbox mount the Juke Nissan (6 speeds with synchronized reverse gear, 41 kg and 240 Nm of torque transmitting) will be manufactured at the Seville plant that Renault-Nissan have there.

The reasons for this award are, according to the company said, due to high levels of quality that the factory has. It is worth noting that right now 30% of gearboxes for Renault, Nissan, Dacia and Samsung are made in Seville.

This is certainly good news for the future of the factory and is grateful that Nissan bet on the Spanish workers.

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