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Latest news about Nissan Juke

Nissan test Juke by

Juke be defined as the younger brother of the Qashqai, and related to the powerful Murano, but this dynamic 'crossover' brings its own personality based on a revolutionary and bold design, a separate bid in the highly competitive B segment.
This new versatile combines the strength of an SUV with a sporty lines. In its lower part has a sturdy wheels with wide tires and a considerable distance to the ground, highlighting the lines of a coupe design, high waist and side windows format and doors with hidden hands in the studs. In some ways, a restrained aggression is present in the overall design of this new 'crossover'.

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One day test with Nissan Juke -

Yesterday we traveled to Seville, we loved and much of the Motor Trials gift made us to leave us to our shifts the new Nissan model Juke. Tell you all ...

Alfonso Gómez we managed all operational delivery and collection of the car. He began by explaining many of the things your car stereo, glad when a business advisor knows what he's talking and knows transmit.

Tekna finishing unit we tested is really complete: climate, navigator, radio-CD with MP3, USB and AUX input, cruise control, Bluetooth, steering wheel controls and the intelligent key system allows you to forget the key and you just have to carry in your pocket and the car detects the proximity to open, lock the car and start with a button "start / stop."

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Nissan test the Juke in MotorSabadell

The Juke Nissan has raised great expectations even before landing in the Spanish market. Sabadell engine has been tested and have seen the key that will lead to success in this small Qashqai: design, performance, equipment and price. The Juke is the fourth crossover from Nissan. Adding to the popular Qashqai, Qashqai +2 and Murano, of which inherits its mechanics, style and reliability. It measures 4.13 meters long, perfectly combining the ruggedness of an SUV and dynamism of a sports car.

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Nissan test Juke 1.6 -

Since the submission of prototype Kazana just over a year, the draft or Cro ssover small SUV from Nissan has not gone unnoticed. The worldwide success of the Qashqai has caused manufacturers to direct their gaze to the centers of design and product development at Nissan. There are many who have dared to launch different products, innovative, but few have succeeded. Except for elite brands to meager sales products (eg the BMW X6), Peugeot and the 3008 is a good example of that idea does not gel with the public. The concept was similar to Peugeot now presents Nissan, that is, take a compact, raise the waist line and suspensions and make it look like an SUV. Peugeot What did not work, we are confident that Nissan itself. The Juke we love it.

Speaking of design, external appearance or shape of the Juke is an audacious move. It is so original that we believe to be passionate about their design fans and staunch critics. The front is the most daring, no doubt. Optical features three different levels, from bottom to top with lights on the hood, through the middle with lights and low beam. The upper wedge-shaped sharply, only host daytime running lights and turn signal, contrary to what usually happens. His position is reminiscent of a crocodile when immersed in water and sticks on the surface only their eyes. The result can like it or not, although seen live preview that is very attractive, at least for my taste.

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Nissan first modifications of Juke, by Cobra N +

It does nothing that has been released Juke and Nissan already are getting hand. We refer in this case the German trainer Cobra N +.

There are simple changes and then there are of this company. As you can see from the photographs the changes are not few. Wheels 19 and 20 inches (235/40 and 255/30 respectively ... there is nothing), guards and stainless steel door sills, new releases Desportes, chrome insertion. ..

To taste the colors, "you are what your Nissan instalaríais a Juke?

Nissan Juke by Cobra N+ (7 images)

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