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Latest news about Nissan Juke

Nissan test Juke

From the web, we bring a new test carried out by specialists of this website.

"... The brand new Japanese proposal for a segment B saturadísimo. One thing is clear, is not an ordinary car, and that there are owners who will value. You see your car and hardly see another like it, especially if you customize a bit.

In some markets like Japan this car wipes out sales forecasts, outperforming the most optimistic. Nissan has decided to make a sub-range of different cars to "more of the same" and the seller. Offer something different, but mostly on an aesthetic level, not the dynamic or functional.

A car is more correct or not according to the client that goes and what the waiting car. The wait a sporty demeanor, you have to look at anything. Who wants an SUV, idem. Who wants a roomy SUV, the same thing. But who wants something different and unique, it does.

Overall rating

By price, the Nissan Juke is very reasonable. It is more exclusive with a car like that with a Mini, for example, which are becoming very visible especially in some segments of the population with purchasing power medium / high. I say reasonable, not cheap, because as one's own utility costs.

The initial version we have in 16,250 euros, a Citroen C3 1.6 VTi engine (120 hp) is 2,000 euros cheaper. It is also cheaper Toyota Urban Cruiser, similar design, but with other more humble and worst performance. Not exactly a bargain, but in relation to the equipment is fine.

Insist that it is a mistake to limit the total traction 1.6 Turbo models, which are in the range of 24,000 euros upwards. An aspiring crossover have to have that possibility, see Dacia Duster r, which has 4 × 4 Nissan system as an option with most engines.


The diesel engine costs 1,700 euros more, it seems advisable to reserve. I think it's worth Automatic catch him, are just $ 1,000 more, and it seems reasonable finish accent, because we have browser if you want and save about a Tekna.

In favor

Very unusual design, intelligent layout of the buttons, is easy to take measures to park, Nissan Control (3 modes of driving), steering feel, very reasonable consumption, traction control / ESP very effective, price / equipment customization possibilities, Nissan Connect satisfactory


Habitability and size of the boot, height-adjustable steering wheel alone, much hard plastic, size and location of information display lower body roll, grip cross manual shift feel, the book is short, small crossover skills, no version 4 × 4 with original engines, real security without checking.

Full article ...

February 1, 2011 at 19:21 Give us your opinion about that new

Nissan Ad Juke: The first small crossover

We found on youtube one of the first ads that have appeared in our country's Juke Nissan, which bears the slogan "The first small crossover."

Hope you like ...

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Opinions on the New Nissan Juke

L aWeb browsing, we have found an interesting article published by the on our beloved Nissan Juke.

Since debuting as a concept car with the name of Qazana, the appearance of the Nissan Juke has astonished by a curious, understood both as a layman. The necessary transformation of a car in one standard room added to its front another feature that makes it even more shocking: the three rows of lights, the highest for the sidelight and direction indicators, the intermediaries, home to intersection and road illumination, and, below, fog lights / cuneteros that did not exhibit the prototype.

Beyond its particular aesthetic, whose commercial fortunes dictate the time, the Juke can not hide that, under the traces of terrain, is basically a utilitarian. Refers not only to details such as height-adjustable steering wheel only and the absence of light in the vanity mirror and glove box or a ceiling to illuminate the rear, but above all its inevitable limitations of space.

In the back of the car, the passengers of a certain height can reasonably accommodate the legs, but have problems with the height because you just 82 centimeters distance between the base of the seat and the roof. In width, it is recommended that travel in the central square a child to try to cram in three adults in the 1.25 meters available.

The rear doors that have outside shooters hidden in the grip of the window, have a low degree of openness that makes access and exit of the small crossover from Nissan.

The boot, despite its irregular loading mouth and quite high, given something more of himself than it promised its 251-liter (207 in the 4x4 version) because, if necessary, can be used all the free space to the ceiling. This requires removing the cubrecarga, which moves jointly with the gate. Under the carpet has been provided a plastic bucket of 40 liters, where objects can be placed in the trunk can not abide by the lack of hooks, shackles or other restraint.

Cargo capacity expands to 830 liters by folding down, by pushing a knob, the rear seats, which are completely flush with the surface of the trunk.

Article in :

January 20, 2011 at 18:19 Give us your opinion about that new

"Best Car of the Canaries 2011" for the Nissan Juke

Since leaving the Juke Nissan last year 2010 and had good vibes about this car, and have not been misguided.

The Juke Nissan begins stomping year and has won the award for "Best Car of the Canaries' current design trends breaker has been one of the determining factors for their choice, not to mention the ease of use.

The vote was the tightest in the last years of the "Best Car Canaria s", with the finalists of the Opel Meriva, Toyota Auris HSD, the Audi A1 and complete the Hyundai ix35.

This prize is awarded annually and the car that meets the perfect conditions for the citizens of the Canary Islands.

The factors that have entry assessment were the following:

• Active and Passive Safety
• Finishes
• Aesthetics
• Equipment
• Technology
• Comfort
• Maintenance costs
• Innovation
• Value for money

January 14, 2011 at 19:04 Give us your opinion about that new

Juke Nissan, the new hero of the Canadian government television

Another example of the efforts being made by Nissan to promote its small crossover. This time is a promotional video of the Nissan Juke straight out of the Canadian government television. Worth seeing.

January 12, 2011 at 09:13 Give us your opinion about that new

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